Method of Access

16) Amada Promecam Numerical Control Customization

(Download numerical control customization) 16) NUMERICAL CONTROL CUSTOMIZATION The” numerical control customization operation configures the numerical control in relation to the number of axes used. In case of the ERROR 00 or ERROR 80 message, it is advisable to check that this configuration is correct 16 -1 METHOD OF ACCESS 16-2 Key Values Along X

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(Download Use of numerical control type MB) 15 – 1 PRELIMINARY OPERATIONS – Start-up: refer to section 11.2. – The type of numerical control and the date of the software program are displayed for a few seconds (24). This display is followed by another, indicating the number of startups. – The flashing entry START appears

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partial air bending

13) – Amada Promecam Bending Techniques

(Download bending techniques) There are two basic bending techniques: – Air bending Usually used because it requires relatively low forces. – Coining: Requires forces equal to 4 or 5 times that of air bending; nevertheless makes it possible to obtain a remarkable angular accuracy by die stamping the inside radius, which cancels the elasticity of

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Control units


(Download MB Numerical Control -optional) 12 – 1 MB NUMERICAL CONTROL  DESCRIPTION The M B numerical control is a very simple option, ideal for increasing the productivity of a Promecam AMADA press brake. The MB numerical control manages 1, 2 or 3 axes (X, V, R or Z). There are 4 different versions. A self-diagnostic

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Amada Keys

11) – Location of Amada Promecam Control Devices

(Download location of control devices) 11 – 1 ON THE ELECTRICAL CABINET A: Machine identification tag B: Bending chart C: Approval plate D: Master switch E: ON indicator light F: Motor start-up control G: Green motor start-up indicator light H: Cycle selection I: Plotting stop control J: Coining selection (Hydraulic back gauge time delay deletion)

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10) Amada Promecom – REAR GAUGE ASSEMBLIES

(Download rear gauge assemblies) 10 – 1 DESCRIPTION The mechanical part of the back gauge assembly. The mechanical part of the back gauge unit is made up of a compact assembly attached to the lower beam on the press. A DC motor (item 4) is attached to the rear of the compact assembly and transmits

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